what is Twill fabric ?

The warp and weft yarns are entangled at least once, and the warp and weft interlacing points are added to change the fabric structure and are collectively referred to as twill weave.

The structure of the cloth is two upper twill and 45 ° left diagonal cloth, the pattern of the front twill is clear and the back of the colorful twill is not obvious. The numbers of warp and weft are close to each other, and the density is slightly higher than the density of weft, and the hands feel softer than the khaki.


Rough twill with more than 32 (18 inches or less) cotton yarn for warp and weft yarns; fine
The twill fabric is made of cotton yarn of 18 or less (32 inches or more) as warp and weft. Twill is white, bleached and mottled, and is often used as workwear fabric, sportswear, sneakers, emery cloth and spacers. The wide bleached twill can be used as a sheet and can be used as a bed sheet after printing. The color and variety of fine twill fabrics are electro-optically or calendered and can be used as umbrellas or clothing clips.

Post time: Jul-06-2020