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Wholesale Medical Fabric Textiles

The domain of the human company has a multifunctional medical surgical gown with good mechanical properties, medical fabric, durability and waterproofness, water repellency, antibacterial property, antistatic property, flame retardant Development insulation layer, used as moisture Equivalent performance, good barrier properties under natural conditions and pressure conditions.
medical doctor fabric factory
What is the medical fabric often used? The following small series will be introduced especially to everyone:
1, pure cotton C21s * 72 * 56 67 "white fabric
1, use: Traditional hospital bedding production: seat, comforter cover, pillowcase. Towel, cloth, towel hole, laptop single, tablecloth: It can also produce traditional hospital surgical supplies, etc.
Wash cloth low price, and more white, long-term hospitalization use: ② have. However, at present, most hospitals use oil green gauze cloth for surgical supplies.
③, Thread density: "C", "21S" representative, large value, thread thin, small value, thick thread instead of cotton of yarn thickness. "72 * 56" This represents the number of weft threads per thread in warp yarn and thread per inch (1 inch = 2.54 cm). 67 "represents the width of a cloth of 67" (inches) or 67 inches * 2.54 cm = 170 cm (width)
④, Cotton C21s * 72 * 56 67 "Pure white cloth and cloth can be made in other colors and other uses by dyeing dyeing at factory shipment.
160 Bleached Flat Cross (Manufacture of medical bedding)
160 Blue and White Flat Cross (Manufacture of Medical Bedding)
160 Green White Gauze (Manufacture of Medical Bedding)
160 black and white pattern cloth (production of medical bedding)

Dyeing gray red strip flat cloth (production of medical bedding)
C21s * 72 * 56 67 "Flat Cross
160 Blue flat cloth of lake (production of medical bedding)

160 Light Green Flat Cross (Manufacture of Medical Bedding)
160 Pink Flat Cross (Manufacture of medical bedding)

160 Oil Green Flat Cross (Production Hospital Surgical Bedding)

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