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Entering August, the textile market also gradually out of the slack season, ready to meet "nine silver ten".A few days ago, the news that the printing and dyeing enterprise of fujian area dye cost rise brushed the friend circle of whole textile employee, after a short while, a lot of printing and dyeing company of jiangsu and zhejiang area also released price rise notice one after another.In this wave of rising dyeing fee, how is the printing and dyeing industry?Have the profits of dyeing factories gone up?
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"There are two main reasons for the good business this year, one is that the traditional peak season for printing and dyeing industry is early, and the other is that production capacity is limited due to environmental protection.Now, the implementation plan of waste water restriction and discharge of printing and dyeing enterprises and sludge 'clearance and clearance' has been put forward in keqiao district. In the first round of operation, sludge clearance and clearance are first linked to waste water restriction and discharge, and the temporary discharge of sludge of printing and dyeing enterprises is 15% or even 30%.Huang xinming analysis, such a situation has increased printing and dyeing enterprises orders.

In recent years, as environmental protection efforts have been strengthened, the capacity of the printing and dyeing industry has been further reduced.As early as 2016, keqiao district committee and district government promoted the transformation and upgrading of the printing and dyeing industry with the courage of a strong man to break his wrist, and launched the most severe "lightsaber" renovation of the printing and dyeing industry in history. So far, the printing and dyeing enterprises in keqiao district have been reduced from more than 200 to 107.

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And this is also a miniature of our country's printing and dyeing industry at present.At present, China's printing and dyeing cluster has comprehensively carried out "river length system", "scattered and dirty" enterprise remediation, environmental protection law enforcement special action, and "clean off pollution" concentrated action. Small and medium-sized enterprises that fail to meet the standards have been closed for rectification, with difficulty in reproducing, and further contraction of supply end, making the industry more and more concentrated.