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Pocket Fabric Exporter

pocket fabric has Introducing a smooth and classic, cream woven lining ideal for pocketing applications. This pristine fabric has a lovely herringbone pattern guaranteed to catch your eye. Soft, light and nearly opaque, this fabric has an easy drape. Also perfect for the lining of a blazer, suits and more. 

pocket fabric exporter

Product Type:Pocketing Fabric
Feature 1: Environmental protection without chemical substances
Feature 2: Soft and comfortable hand feeling
Feature 3: Smooth and beautiful appearance
Application: Jeans、Suit pants、Casual pants ect.(Pocket)
Type:8020、6535 and more kinds of composition ratio, material of pocket
Material: 100% Polyester、100% Cotton、80:20、65:35、50:50 composition ratio.

our company as a Pocket Fabric factory ,if you need that pls contact us.