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Introduction Work-Wearing Fabric-Pocketing Fabric

Gongshuang: Both polyester fibers are fairly wide, but also after high temperature treatment, the cloth grain is compact and luxurious, lacks flexibility of good wrinkle resistance, good mechanical wrinkle, good elasticity, easy mechanical washing, good wrinkle fiber It is not.

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Terylene card: clear grain, smooth surface, no discoloration, no bowl, shrinkage prevention water, simple machine wash.
All process polyester and cotton thread card: clear spinning, smooth and thick cloth surface, anti-fading, anti-peeling, anti-wear, anti-washing, moisture.
In the case of a chef: hands are soft and comfortable, hygroscopic and breathable, good without balls, it is a choice of fabric for chef's clothing.
Seiko: Covering the effect of polyester filament and cotton fabric, facial twill, cloth both chemical anti-wrinkle, anti-peeling (Maoists) effect, breaking pleasant, wet absorption of cotton behind and gas properties Please do not.
Antistatic silk: made from imported conductive fibers and chemical fiber with advanced technology, it is suitable for the electric industry of petroleum, chemical industry, electronic and coal mine.
Oxford spinning: made with polyester fiber and double-stranded cotton, it has distinctive and generous grain, mesh, high cotton content, comfortable and dressed good.
Complete cotton gauze card: grain is not easy to produce static electricity, wipe, stable size, abrasion resistance, anti-cleaning, moisture absorption, good skin compatibility, less fadeable.
Full process cleaning and leveling: Very wide wrinkle, good drape, smooth surface, moisture absorption, wear balls, strong color fastness, excellent polyester cotton effect!

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